Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tiffany & Michael - Anniversary Shoot

Last year I had the honor shooting this totally awesome wedding for Tiffany & Michael.  It had to be one of the most special, beautiful, creative wedding I've been to.  It was a New Year's wedding held at Phillipe Park under this amaaazing tree.  I was SO happy to hear from Tiffany a year later, wanting to do an anniversary shoot at their wedding location!!  Knowing her creative eye, I knew it was going to be just perfect.
 Under the tree where they got married.
 This is a mashup of both of their vows, which hangs proudly in their home.
 And what would an anniversary be without sharing some cake.  Cute cake topper included!!

I couldn't wait to put these side by side.  Wedding day & present day.
Congratulations on your anniversary!!!  Yall are the cuuuutest! I had a blast working with yall again!  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rachel & Geoff are MARRIED!! NYE Wedding!!

Rachel & Geoff have a great story.  One of my favorites that I've ever heard!  And it all started around the Karate Kid.  You heard it right.  The Karate Kid theme song, in fact.  Rachel overheard Geoff talking to one of his friends about the song, and was singing "You're the best around.. nananannaa."  And he was saying how that's a weird song because nobody knew the rest of the words to that song.  Rachel popped in and said "Um... I do."  He thought that was hilarious, and she taught him the words to the song.  And with that, "You're the best around" became their joke.
Geoff planned to propose on their two year anniversary in Baltimore, the place where they met and fell in love. He bought the ring... and hid it from Rachel in the attic (this might have been excessive, but Geoff wasn't taking any chances). They bought the plane tickets and planned a romantic day to celebrate their anniversary. Geoff took Rachel to their favorite breakfast place in Baltimore, took a boat tour, had a romantic couples massage and then, they set out for their "Fall" hike. In an unexpected heat spell, the weather was approximately 90 degrees, which wasn't quite what Geoff had in mind--but he rolled with it. He had timed the hike to finish just before the grand finale, a private plane he had chartered to fly past the lookout spot with a special banner meant for Rachel.
Rachel, not knowing the plan, decided the "hike" could be more of a "trail run". She ran the trails, urging Geoff to "come on" and "hurry up"--thinking they were doing a workout. The speed left Geoff with about 45 minutes to kill once they reached the top. He tried a lot of distractions, and amazingly, Rachel agreed to sit on the lookout until... she finally saw the banner approaching.  "You're the best around.  Na Na Na Na Na".  Geoff had a speech on a note card (that he didn't actually use) and he asked her to marry him.
 Badgley Mischka has my heart.
 I loved that Rachel incorporated her grandmother's shoe brooch.

The book where they wrote down their vows to read at the ceremony & to keep forever.  So sweet, I wish I did this at my wedding.

I love the mix & match of sparkly shoes.  So perfect for New Year's Eve!

Hair and makeup was outstanding!  I've never seen hair as such an art piece!  Destiny and Light Hair and Makeup Group rocked!

I'm head over heels for these robes.  What a great bridesmaid gift, right?  Love, love, love!!  Find them online at

I just love first looks, don't you?

Rachel told her bridesmaids to find any short, silver sequined dress to wear.  I LOVE this mix & match idea!!  It turned out so super cute, and very fitting for the NYE wedding!

Cupcakes by The Cupcake Spot.. Only the most amazing cupcakes in the Tampa Bay area!  Chocolate Better Thans are my favorites, btw.

 Geoff and Rachel had three amazing food stations.  Cuban, Asian & Greek.  Freaking fantastic & some of the best wedding food I've ever had.  Catering by Robert is exceptional, and they also do event planning!  And how precious are those posters?  Yes, that is Rachel & Geoff in them!!
They even had a coke float station!  I loved this awesome idea!

Looking at Downtown Tampa from Davis Island. Beautiful view!

Stay tuned for Larisa's wedding coming up this summer!

And it was time for the countdown... 3..2..1.. Happy New Year, Mr. & Mrs. Jackson!!

It was midnight, so it was really dark, but I could see that the fireworks left a haze over the city.  I turned the shutter speed really slow, and viola. 

What an amazing, one of a kind wedding to be a part of.  It was an honor, complete honor.

Dress- Martina Liana at CC's Boutique in St. Petersburg, FL.
Venue- Davis Island Garden Club
Robes- Plum Pretty Sugar

Decor, Planning & Catering- Susan Stalnaker with Catering by Robert
DJ- Eladio with DeLite Entertainment
Flowers- Events in Bloom
Hair & Makeup- Destiny and Light Hair and Makeup Group
Cupcakes- The Cupcake Spot
Top tier wedding cake- Publix
Lighting- Tampa Lights
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