Thursday, February 23, 2012

Melinda & Justin are engaged!!!

This engagement shoot was so special.  When discussing where Melinda & Justin would like to do their shoot, immediately Melinda expressed how special it would be to do it at the MacDill Air force Base.  See, her dad's name is engraved in the memorial there.  And that is where Justin proposed, in front of her dad's name.  Seriously so sweet.. brings tears to my eyes. 
Out of respect the names in the memorial, and the families, I'm not posting any pictures of the memorial.  But I was so happy with how they turned out.  I was so honored to be there, so honored to photograph such a special place.
We were taking pictures in front of the memorial, when the National Anthem started playing over the speaker system.  Justin politely turned to me and excused them while they turned towards the flag.  Chills, let me tell you.  I love our National Anthem & I love the power & respect that it demands.  I was PRAYING that I wasn't being disrespectful by taking pictures of them while it was going on.  I couldn't help it.  Being a photographer, its so hard to not want to capture powerful, meaningful moments.  And to think of what these two have done for our country, what their families have done.. 
Justin is currently serving as an Army Ranger, as well as Melinda's dad did.  Melinda works for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, where she also does public speaking about her dad and how this foundation has helped her.
It was such an honor, and it was so much fun to photograph this adorable couple.  Love, love, love them!!

I've never been to MacDill before this shoot.  I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was!

So totally precious, guys.. seriously.

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