Friday, December 30, 2011

Best of 2011

2011 has been a whirlwind.  I can't believe I get to do this as a career.  How lucky am I?  I've met some pretty fabulous people, and had the best times on these shoots & weddings.  I was both excited and dreading going through all of my 2011 pictures to pick out my favorites.  Excited, well because I love these pictures & I'm so excited to reminisce.  I was dreading because.. THERE'S TOO MANY!!!  It was so hard to pick!!

Jeff & Krystal- Proposal
 Donea & Josh- Engagement

Helena & Chris- Engagement

Stephanie & Eddie- Wedding

Tiffany & Michael- Wedding

Ginger & PJ- Engagement

Donna & Carlos- Wedding

April & Geoff- Wedding

Laura& Kevin- Wedding

Leia & Ryan- Trash the Dress

Kristy & Brian- Wedding

Miss A- Boudoir

Jenn & Eric- Engagement

Kelly & Jordan- Engagement

Abier & Bryan- Engagement

Poblick sisters

Ana & Paulo- Engagement

Erica & Dave- Wedding

Raquel & Daniel- Just because

Caitlyn & Jesse- Engagement

Jessica & Eric- Wedding

Rachel & Geoff- Engagement

Erika & Win- Wedding

Kayla & Calvin- Wedding

Nicole & Chris- Wedding

Meredith & John- Engagement

Thanks to everyone who has helped 2011 be a major success!!  I have the best friends, family & clients!!  Here's to 2012 being even bigger & better!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dave & Erica are MARRIED!!!

I met Dave through my husband, Bryan.  Dave & Bryan met through work, and they became good friends and Dave ended up being in our bridal party!  He was the guy who lit up the dance floor with his fancy feet work.  Watching him was the highlight of the reception.  I knew he had a long-time girlfriend, and she was supposed to be there, but her car died on her that day.  I was super excited when I finally got to meet her!  She was even cuter and sweeter than I imagined!  And we became instant friends.  She has the most infectious smile and laugh.
They are a no fuss kind of couple, so once they (finally) got engaged, a cruise ship wedding seemed to fit them perfectly.  The wedding came with the ship's own photographer for the ceremony, but I wanted to be there when they got ready, and make sure they have those moments captured.  It's my favorite part of the day, afterall!

Yes, I fell in love with her shoes.  Madly in love.  Studded Gianni Bini.  Yes.  Please & thank you.

On the cruise, after the wedding, Erica's sister got engaged!  This is the future groom.

From the hotel where they got ready, we then moved to the cruise ship to do the last minute details.  Her dress... I'm speechless.  It was amazing!

Dave & Erica, I couldn't be happier for the two of you.  Bryan & I are so blessed to have the both of you in our lives.  You are two of the sweetest people we know!  And we are so glad that you two can finally call each other husband & wife!  Congratulations!!  Love yall!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Poblick Family

You may remember this family.  I shot them last year sometime.  Kim, the mother of these precious twins, we go way back.. I wanna say 9 years?  I used to work at Jenny Craig, and she was my boss in Metairie, LA.  I looooved working with Kim.  I can honestly say she is one of my favorite people to work for.. ever.  After Katrina came, I moved here to the Tampa area and I remembered this is where Kim was from.  So I called her & she said she's living here again!  Soon afterwards, she's pregnant with TWINS!  I couldn't tell you how excited I was for her & Joe.  I know they've been trying for a long time, and what a blessing to have two amazing babies!  And yes, they are quite amazing.  These girls are full of personality & love.  Totally makes me want to have twin girls.. just like them.
Kim called me, saying the girls want to be models and actresses.  I can SO see it.  These girls have it.  So they wanted pictures to get started.  I loved working with these sweeties.  They will be famous, just watch.

 My sister has a great dane, a husky and a boston terrier.  I thought their house was a madhouse.  That's nothing compared to when this family gets together.  Everyone has at least one great dane.  And there's also a bull mastiff, and of course you have to have a little yorkie in the mix.  Everyone kept asking me if I was afraid of great danes.  I LOVE great danes!!  And watching.. let's count.. 5 great danes & a bull mastiff play together..  well, that's just entertaining!!

I love this picture.  Makes me so glad I grew up with sisters.  Sisters are the best.

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