Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Second shooting for Raquel Sergio

I was honored and thrilled to be working with Raquel Sergio again. ( http://raquelsergiophotography.com/ ) This is my girl. LOVE HER!! We share so much in common, and I just adore her sweet personality... not to mention we share our love for photography!! I went along with her and her husband, Daniel, for Mallory and Seth's Spring Hill wedding. This sweet couple and their family are all the way from Ohio. They had a beautiful wedding, such a beautiful bride and groom and their families. We had such a great time shooting every detail of their special day. I completely fell in love with the newly adopted Noah from Ethiopia. You'll see the pictures below. The sweetest dimples you'll ever see. And what a gorgeous place to have a wedding! Can I just stress how PERFECT the lighting was?? It was hot, we were sweaty, my hair was a hot humid mess, but we had a ball.

I love this sweet, special moment between the bride and groom immediately after the ceremony.

Yes indeed. Perfect.

Noah loved my camera. He thought my zoom lens was a telescope.

He was beggggging me to bring him to the swing. This kid had swinging on the mind and wasn't about to let it go. This is why I like second shooting. So I can get fun, sweet moments like this. What a personality this kid has too! I want to adopt a Ethiopian kid exactly like him!!


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