Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Surprise Engagement-- Melissa & Ryan!

Talk about perfect timing. I was doing a family shoot at the beach the other day, and we stumbled upon a proposal!! The family I was with were more than willing for me to take pictures of the engagement in process, they were so nice about it. So then I thought "should I or shouldn't I take pictures for them??" I mean, they didn't hire me, they don't know me, I don't want to be creepy and start going paparazzi on them. But then on the other hand, who wouldn't want candid pictures of their proposal?? So I snapped on my zoom lens and started snapping away. I wanted to get as close as I could without being intrusive... still feeling oober creepy and unsure about the whole thing. After she said yes, they hugged and kissed, everyone was clapping for them. What a beautiful, happy moment!! Then I creeped up, congratulated them.. feeling so terribly awkward. I didn't want to interrupt their special moment. But they were more than happy that I decided to take their pictures, and capture everything that just happened. WHEW!! And they were SO SWEET!! They couldn't stop smiling, and kissing.. she was just in total shock! I love it!! I met up with them a few days later to give them a disc of their pictures, and got to know them a tad bit more. They are from Hollywood, and was just about to fly back. Too bad too!! I think we'd be really great friends. Well, we are going to stay in touch! They are such a sweet couple, and I absolutely can't wait to see their fabulous wedding pictures!!! Congratulations Melissa & Ryan!!!

This was after she read her message in a bottle. They were walking to a spot in the sand where "Will you marry me" was spelled out in rocks surrounded rose petals. Can you say AWWWW??

Ryan got down on one knee, and Melissa joined him. So sweet, I wanted to cry!

And he pulls out the ring.....


Acknowledging their clapping and cheering audience.

So happy togetheeeeeer!

The message in the bottle!

Absolutely beautiful. Love these guys!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jessica! I'm Melissa's mom, Louise.
What a precious gift to be able to "witness" this wonderful event through your camera lens.
You truly captured the essence of the love and tenderness between Ryan and Melissa. I'm so grateful. I'd like to order some photos from you, OK? Contact me at LSStar500@aol.com

Anonymous said...

How special and wonderful that you were able to capture my friend, Melissa's engagement candidly!
I was curious how Ryan proposed to her, so now I know. Thanks for sharing!
~ Marsi

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully beautiful...you captured the priceless gift...the proposal and the kiss. Melissa and Ryan, so happy together.
Congrats to you too, Louise and Dan....connie peterson

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I'm a close friend of Melissa's. I believe God made sure you took the initiative to take these photos!! Melissa had JUST called me before the proposal and told me her camera died!
What a blessing and wonderful thing you did for two strangers! Your work is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! Ryan is an old friend of mine and I'm so excited that you were there to capture these. Forever captured! AWESOME. Keep up the GREAT work. Your blessed with an amazing eye and perfect timing =)

Congrats again Ryan and Melissa! =)

Denette Schaer

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures Jessica! I know Ryan from working with him in the Tampa area and he's a great person with a great future wife and they deserve each other so much!

Anonymous said...

I'm a friend of Geoff's, (Melissa's brother) and he just sent me this link.

The photos are spectacular Jessica - it's incredible and absolutely wonderful that you caught these precious moments through with your talent. The photos speak so loudly to me, I am vibrating with joy!! Wooooooooooo

Congratulations to the happy couple and wishing you enormous success with your photography work. And I loved your write up too.

Thanks so much for sharing this!

Maya XX

Anonymous said...

I'm Melissa's sister in law and I am so touched and honored to be able to see these beautiful photos. Thanks for a great job!!

Anonymous said...

I am Ryan's mom. Thanks so much for capturing the moment. We were upstairs looking through binoculars cause he wouldn't let me follow with camera, but you were there!!! Thank God!

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