Thursday, January 5, 2012

Raquel & Daniel

My very first wedding I ever worked was third shooting for Timothy Capp Photography.  I was so nervous, really having no idea what I was doing.  At that wedding, I met a girl, Raquel from Raquel Sergio Photography.  She was Tim's second shooter.  We very, very quickly formed a bond over our favorite wedding photographer, Jasmine Star.  After that wedding, Raquel and I kept in touch and formed an even tighter friendship.  Now, I can't imagine my life without her & my day is incomplete when I don't get to talk to my bff, Raquel.
Over the past two & a half years, I can't tell you how much I've learned from this girl.  She's given me confidence to keep learning and practice what I learn.  She's been all ears when I need to let off steam.  She's been my company when I needed someone by my side.  She is such a strong christian woman.  God is her #1, and it shows in every aspect of her life.  I completely admire her for the person she is.
She asked me recently if I could take pictures of her & her husband for both their personal use and business use.  I couldn't be more happy & honored.  Raquel's husband, Daniel just accepted a new position as the lead worship leader at Cornerstone Community Church in St. Petersburg.  I'm so excited about this new start for the both of them.  They absolutely deserve this!!
 I think this may be in my top 5 pictures ever.  Super sweet.

Work it, work it, work it...


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