Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kayleigh and Josh are MARRIED!!

This was one of my favorite weddings I've ever been to.  I can't exactly put into words why.  I guess it was the emotion and the love... the tears and the joyous expressions... the shoes, peacock details.. really, the list can go on.
Kayleigh and Josh have the cutest engagement story too!  Told my Kayleigh herself.
"The weekend before my 21st birthday is when he asked me.  He was joking with me the whole day before and wouldn't shut up about getting married.  He kept saying "Would you say yes?  I just wanna know.  What would you say if I asked you?"  I was getting kinda mad because he wasn't acutally asking me and I thought he was just messing with my head.  I kept telling him "Shut up!  Of course I'd say yes!  Now stop asking me!".  Then later that night we were in bed and he brought it up again and I was like "Oh my gosh, please stop."  And he came over to the side of the bed and got down on one knee, and I was like "Get up!  What are you doing, you crazy!  Get back in bed!".  He he started rolling on the floor laughing so hard, then got back in bed.  A few minutes later he said "So you'd really say yes?" and I said "Of course I would.  Shut up."  So he came over to my side of the bed again and did the same thing, but he pulled out his dad's old ring box and I was like "Come on stop.  I know that box."  And then he opened it.  It was so beautiful.  I didn't even say anything I just hugged him and started crying.  As I was hugging him he said "So is that a yes?" and i was like "Of course it is you idiot!  I love you!"  

I may or may not have a slight obsession with Kayleigh's wedding shoes.

Not your grandmother's wedding shoes.

I love the print on her dress.  So unique!!  It was gorgeous!

Kayleigh's grandmother's tiara.  So special & sweet!

I was trying to get in this room to get pictures of the guys getting ready, but this room was a little tight.

Josh trying to calm his heart before he sees his bride at his first look.

The most thorough flower girl I've ever seen.  She even decided a petal landed not where she wanted it to, so she picked it up and put it in another spot.  Job well done, sweet heart.

Even though Josh and Kayleigh did a first look moments before their ceremony took place, he was still moved to tears when he saw her walking down the aisle.  Like I've said before in a past blog, it's like you get TWO first looks.  You get the sweetness twice.  Love!

Josh tried full on making out with her, and this is Kayleigh's reaction. 

My favorite family picture EVER.  The Father of the Bride welcomes Josh into the family.

No doubt one of my favorite moments of the wedding.  Kayleigh and her dad were in tears the entire time.  They even made ME cry!!!  I talked to him later and he told me, "7:15 this morning it started.  I knew it was way too early to start crying."  He has good reason.  Kayleigh is not only his only daughter, but his only child.  Now I want to cry all over again because it's just so sweet.

Josh's brothers come together to show their brother love.

Then they went to Kayleigh and gave her a big hug and told her they couldn't have asked for a better sister.  I love this moment.

I love this cake topper.

Congratulations Kayleigh & Josh!!!  I loved photographing your wedding.  The two of you are MFEO!!!


Venue--  Davis Island Garden Club
Linens-- Fancy That
Cake-- Publix


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