Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kenisha and Marcus are MARRIED!!

Kenisha was one of the first people who started following my blog, when I started my business.  She wrote me, saying that she's getting married but she had no idea when, and she wanted me to do her wedding.  I remember thinking, "OMG!  SOMEONE LIKES MY WORK!!"  It was an amazing feeling, and she was so super sweet.  Fast forward a year later, and I get an email from her, saying that they set a date!  I was so excited, and thrilled that she remembered me!  It was such an honor to meet the two of them and their little girl, Victoria.  So, so cute, let me tell you.

My awesome friend and former bride, Jeanine, was my second shooter for the day.  She's an amazing upcoming photographer in the area.  I LOVED having her assisting me.  She is a dream!  Thanks again, Jeanine, for everything.  I can't wait to work with you again!

Jeanine and I were getting ready for Kenisha to put on her dress, when someone turned on some music and they all started dancing!!!  I LOVED IT!!!  I can honestly say, that's never happened to me before, and what a perfect way to shake off some nerves.

Probably my favorite picture.  Jeanine, you rock.  And Kenisha, your legs are KILLER!

I took Kenisha down to the lobby and took some pictures before we left for the church.  This lobby is gorgeous!  I love this fabulous wall! 

Victoria sees her mommy for the first time.  She said, "Mommy, you look beauuutiful!" 

I'm in love with the movement in these pictures.

I love this idea that Kenisha & Marcus had.  Since their last name is Madison, they wanted to take pictures by the street sign in Downtown Tampa.  Love this! 
Also, let me say that this is the bridal party of the year.  So much fun, and so incredibly helpful.  It was SO HOT, but they were amazing and chose to have fun instead of being miserable.  Seriously, best bridal party ever.  Thanks guys for rockin' it!!! 

The reception was at the Tampa Club.  This was an experience in itself.  You shot up 41 flights within SECONDS.  I had no idea we were going up so high, and all of a sudden, my ears started popping!!  I'm thinking to myself.. well, that's weird.
In this picture, you can see we are higher than the Sykes building, aka The Beer Can, and you can see the University of Tampa in the background!

My favorite part of the night.  Marcus belongs to Omega Psi Phi.  At one point in the night, the brothers gathered around Kenisha and serenaded her with the sweetest song, while Marcus was at her feet, singing too. 

And there was some stomping....... 
It was something I've never experienced before.  It was quite amazing.  I loved every moment of it. 

Marcus got some air!!! 

Night time view of the city, with the reflection of the dance floor.  I love this picture, Jeanine!! 

Jeanine, you rock.  I'm in love with your talent and so blessed to have you come with me!

Kenisha & Marcus, you finally did it!!  I was so honored to be there, and I had so so so much fun.  The whole day really flew by.  I can't wait to do your Rock the Dress session.  It will be AMAZING!!!  Yall are the best!


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