Friday, October 14, 2011

New Orleans Family & Friends

I miss everything about New Orleans.  I really do.  The food, music.. even the muddy rivers & swamps.  Most importantly I miss my family.  And of course a trip to Louisiana wouldn't be the same without a trip to NOLA.

I debated posting this sequence of pictures.  Ignore the broken blinds, and focus on my mom.  Ah, I love my mom.  She is truly unique.  There is no one on this earth that's like her.  But when it comes to taking pictures, she is exactly like someone.  Earl.  From 'My Name Is Earl".  If you watched that show, you know every picture he takes, he has his eyes closed.  That is my mom.  So my (newly engaged) sister, Katie, says "Take a picture of me and mom!"  And here's the picture.
"Hey Mom.. your eyes are closed.  Try again."
"Again..  keep your eyes OPEN."

My other sister, Angelle rocking out to Glee karaoke.

Save Bean!!

My sisters both win the most beautiful sisters in the world award.  100%

I was SO excited that I got to hang out with Lauren & Tony again.. This time, IN THE FRENCH QTR!  We had such a perfect time.  Of course, we had to get our Cafe Du'Monde in.  New Orleans wouldn't be the same without it.  Tony has never had a beignet, so we made sure to give him the 'how to' on beignet eating.  Don't breathe in & don't breathe out while biting into it.  That is a sure way to either inhale the powdered sugar or send it flying onto your friends... which, actually, is a lot of fun.

I never realized how much stuff I have in common with Lauren.  It's borderline scary, like.. everything.  Even down to her relationship with Tony & mine with Bryan.  And our guys are SO much alike too!  I'm so sad that they live in TX and we're in FL.  But I can't wait for them to come to Disneyworld. 

I was shopping at one of the stores, and when I came out, I saw them standing together with his arm around her, watching some street performers.  Perfectly perfect.

I don't know whose kid this was.  He may have been a part of the group.  Maybe a tourist.  But they gave him a tiny horn and he was playing like he's been doing this for 40 years.  Granted, he wasn't any good, but he sure was blowing.  And BOY was he the cutest!!

So happy for new found friendships.


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