Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Hayden!

Meet the cutest little family on the planet. Michele, a friend of a friend, and now my new friend, wrote me wanting to do a Birthday shoot for her son, who just turned 1 year old. She said the word "cake" and I was immdediately excited. No, not because I was going to eat it, but because I pictured in my head Hayden smashing into a cake in the park, on a picnic blanket. It turned out SO CUTE!! And we had so much fun! After every sugar filled bite, he'd say "mmmmmmm". And no, it never got old. We laughed every time. It didn't take long until the cake came off completely the board, but who cares! The messier the better. :)

Here are some of my favorite pics from the day.

You can just see the "mmmmmm" coming from his mouth.

One of my favorite shots. I don't know if he's dancing, stretching.. but whatever he's doing, it's precious.. especially with that cake on the toosh.
Juice box!
What kid likes to be wiped with a wet towel?

So sweet!

To keep Hayden smiling, they brought a bubble machine.

Beautiful Michele

This picture cracks me up!! Look at it and tell me you're not smiling from ear to ear. Running down hill with a stick makes Hayden a happy boy.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these Jess!! You did such a good job. It is hard not to love that baby. Just remember...he is MY boyfriend :)
~Kylie Guess~

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