Monday, April 5, 2010

It's like chocolate...

This blog is for those people who are interested in photography and editing. This may be terribly boring for some, but for people like me.. this is like chocolate.

I was looking through sets of presets to buy, and was a click away from buying them when my husband showed me free ones I can download. That's my husband for ya. And I know he'd say the same thing about me... spending money when I can.

So anyway, you can find these presets and more for your lightroom at This is just one of many many sites. Have fun exploring!!

the original

a-game 2

autumn storm

boondoggle 2

colorful HDR effect 1

creative catalyst 48

dark horse
drama club

fuzzy glow beauty

new vintage

go to
grapefruit burst

ph dramatic ocean

ph old school skintone

the prairie- my personal favorite

vintage 2 rounded corners
Which is your favorite?


Kelly said...

My favorites are the prairie one, dramatic ocean and autumn storm! Very cool!

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