Monday, April 26, 2010


So it's been a while since my last blog. A lot of you know and has been so supportive, my husband was in the hospital fighting another infection due to his kidney failure. He's home now, doing great, catching up on his rest. I really appreciate all your prayers and concerns. Continue to pray that he gets a kidney transplant soon.

I thought it was time to do another installment of "OBSESSED". If you are a new reader, this is where I go on about things I've become totally dependant on. I have a completely obsessive personality and when I find things I love, I latch on and don't let go.
  • I tend not to buy a lot of cds. Bryan prefers the downloading and making your own cds, but I'm an old school girl who likes to do things the old school way. So I bought a cd the other day. I figured I was due one, right!? Now I know a lot of you might totally bash me for my choice, but I can't help it! I guess you can say it's a guilty pleasure, since this isn't my normal type of music. KE$HA!! So catchy and raunchy and just good ole' fun. I have the songs stuck in my head the entire day! BLAH BLAH BLAH

  • Its my bday April 30th. If you know me, you know how I am with presents. I will ask you what you got me until you cave. I think this is what my husband loves most about me (HA). So this year he didn't even play my game. He ordered it early, thinking it will take a while to ship, and it ended shipping the next day. Basing on my christmas present fiasco, (I looked at the shipping address and guessed what my present was), he decided just to show me what it is. I like this new method! It's a beaaautiful Emporio Armani peach, flowered watch. It needs a new battery, but that hasn't stopped me from wearing it!! I'm thinking of it as a bracelet for now. But ooops! Even though I knew what it was when I got it, I wasn't supposed to open it until my birthday. Boo that!

      • ZOMBIELAND is out on DVD!!!! I saw this in theaters and thought this was one of the best movies EVER made!! Hilarious and scary, without being too scary (cause I'm a wimp). Very well done, and seriously, how hott is Woody Harrelson.. STILL!

      • I'm loving TARGET for getting Zac Posen and other designers to do a line with them!! FANTASTIC!! Don't ask where I'd wear it, but I'm drooling over that red poofy dress. And who doesn't love the Liberty of London line?? Sooo cute!! It's too hard to shop because I want EVERYTHING!

      I will be back in my home state May 3-13th! I can't wait to see my friends and family again. I'm getting the opportunity to shoot many of them! I'm going to have such an awesome time! Expect to see many blogs coming up!


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