Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jaclyn + Chris E-shoot

Jaclyn and Chris..  what an awesome couple.  And funny!!  Had so much fun getting to know this couple, acting up, laughing.. and oh yeah, taking pictures.  I love my job..  and the fact that I get to say this is my job!!  Thanks guys for making my job so perfect.  Beautiful day, beautiful couple, what more could I ask for?
I know your future wifey is hott, but eyes on top, buddy!!
Just adorable!!!

Chris is really in to golfing.  He was trying to explain to Jaclyn and I golfing terms and all that mumbo jumbo.  I think he was in heaven teaching Jaclyn how to swing.  Jaclyn, on the other hand, was "air rating" the lawn in her heels. 

Those eyes!!  Hot momma!!

My favorite of the day

Chris swallowed a bug..  which gave me this awesome picture...
which then gave me this sweet picture.
When Jaclyn and Chris have babies, no doubt they will have some AMAZING eyes.


Drake Sigar said...

Golf is so much harder than it looks. :/

Kelly said...

So beautiful

Chris said...

So happy we found you Jessica. it was awesome!! the most fun I've ever had taking pictures! Cant wait to see ya again for the wedding Thank you so much.

Molly Cook said...

How cute are they! Happy, happy people. :-)

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