Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lauren + Jason E-shoot

Let's talk candy..  eye candy.  MY eye candy.  Lauren.. well, she's just plain awesome.  And by plain I mean there is nothing plain about her.  AND Jason, her husband-to-be..  perfect match.  Ugh, let me make sense here for a second.  I love this couple.  I love their style and everything about their style.  I knew working with them was going to be BIG.  Why?  Because Lauren and Jason go big.  Their creativity levels are off the charts.  And CRAFTY!  I WISH I could take credit for the ideas you are about to see.  I was just there with the camera.  Lauren is this amazing, gifted, talented artist...  Go figure, right!  I would kill for her creative ability!  You can find her fabulous artwork at this link.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/yourhandwriting/sets/  Go get you some art!  She makes everything custom to how you want it!
Just wait to you see their incredible October wedding.  It's gonna be out of this world.

M.F.E.O. all the way
Lauren's legs are HOTT!!  Hello!

Where the sidewalk ends!?  Oh how I've missed you since I was a kid!
Let me just say...  stunning!!

This shot was unbelievably hard to get because it was windy that day.  Not complaining!  I love wind on a hot day.  The sign says "Better Together" made by Lauren herself.  Told you she was crafty!!

This picture was Jason's idea.  I LOVE how he was soooo enthusiastic about it.  And he was totally right!  I love this picture!!

The Airstream Ranch..  A Florida I4 landmark.

This picture totally reminds me of the poster of that movie "Big Fish"..  you see it?
In words of Jason "Airstreams of Love"

There is something I adore about this picture.  The way she's looking at him, maybe?  The moon poking through in the corner?  The rusticness of the airstreams?  Or is it Jason lookin all handsome in the back..  Let's say it's all of the above.
I couldn't decide which one I liked more.. so I'm posting both.

Paper hearts!!  What a simple but BRILLIANT prop idea!
Picture perfect 
I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.  Lauren & Jason, it was an absolute joy to work with the two of you. 


Anonymous said...

I love these and yes you had great subjects and worked magic in every shot. Great talent all around!
Cindy Trumbower

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