Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jady + Jason

I had the pleasure second shooting for Timothy Capp Photography this past weekend at the Renaissance Hotel in Tampa.  Beautiful wedding, absolutely beautiful couple.

Love birds... love!

For those Gator fans out there...

Jady, you are radiant!!!

The mother of the bride was so happy and proud.

Feel the love

Ok, so I love weddings.  I love couples who love each other.  I love how they show it, in their unique ways.  This was Jason's gift to Jady.  They share a love for Africa and the animals there.  Infact, that's where the honeymoon is.  A safari in Africa.. hello!!  I had to fight back the urge to crawl in her suitcase and pray she wouldn't notice it was extra extra heavy. 

I will not cry... I will not cry..  I will not...  dang it.

I love the emotion in this picture.


The wishing tree

A very nice word of advice..  I think I'll let Bryan give me one  :)


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