Sunday, September 12, 2010


It's been a while since I did an installment of OBSESSED, which is when I rave about what I'm currently obsessed with.  I have an obsessive personality.  When I love something, I am in to it 100%... can't get me away from it..  I'm hooked.
  • FOOTBALL IS HERE!!!!!  The clashing of the helmets, the feeling when your team runs the ball 50 yards to score a touchdown.. The feeling is unlike any other, when you lose all sense of where you are and who is around you, and the next thing you realize you are jumping up and down screaming "GO GO GO"..  Football is perfect.  I'm still reeling from my Saint's Superbowl win.  I'm still in shock.  I'm so proud of my team and my (second) hometown, New Orleans.  Here's to another great season.
  • On the complete opposite spectrum.. (back to being a girl) I am completely 100% obsessed with two amazing wedding blogs and  They show that weddings aren't cookie cutter anymore.  You can have a wedding that is completely unique and shows who you are as a couple.  Makes me want to get married all over again and do everything completely different.  But then again, I wanted to have another wedding as soon as mine was over.  (Thanks again, Lauren for introducing me to these amazing blogs!)
  • My boots.  What can I say about my new boots that expresses my love for them?  Just look at how beautiful they are.

Now would you believe I got them for $30 on  That's unheard of for boots to be that cheap!  If you have a size 6.5 or smaller, you can get them for half off now... which I think I'm only talking to my mom.  Because really, how many people have teeny feet? 

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs.  THREE faaaabulous engagement shoots this week and SIX spectacular weddings in October.  Let the craziness begin!


Ken said...

You should send your boot pics to target. Maybe they use them on their web site and pay you some money too. :)

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