Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lauren and Tyler's Tampa Wedding

When I look at this couple, I automatically think "Princess and Prince Charming".  Because seriously, how can you not think that?  Tyler and Lauren are both in the military.  But their marriage is hard.. well, for most people anyway.  They actually eloped about a year ago, but Tyler has been living on his Marine base in Hawaii, and Lauren has been living on her Air force base in South Carolina.  What couple can actually make their marriage work like that!?  I think that means they share something so amazing. So they planned an actual wedding, since they didn't have one before.   Thank goodness too.  It would have been an injustice for this goooorgeous girl to never wear a wedding dress.  And quite a beautiful wedding dress too, may I add.

Lauren is currently packing up her things, and moving to Hawaii to be with her husband.  I can't tell you how happy I am for this couple.  They finally get to be with each other, like a husband and wife should.  And hello, HAWAII!  Lauren and Tyler, I send you nothing but love and best wishes.  You two deserve all the happiness in the world.

A dress made for a princess!

Lauren and Tyler opted to do a first look.  I LOVE FIRST LOOKS!!! 

Tell me you don't think of a princess and prince charming!  And the thing is, he was really charming!  Made the whole scenario in my head that much more valid.

I don't think they could be any more amazing together if they tried.

Thank you, Lauren and Tyler, for having me on your wedding day.  You two are the most fabulous, most gorgeous, most darling couple ever.  Yall are gonna have some freakin' cute kids one day!!


Lauren said...

I love the one of Tyler and I kissing in front of the big curtain inside. It reminds me of one of the scenes in the movie Cinderella. And he absolutely is my prince charming. I love him so much. Thank you a ton for being there for us and doing such a great job on everything. I cant wait to see the rest! You did an incredible job.

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