Monday, November 8, 2010

Lauren and Jason's Wedding Blog No. 1

This wedding was SO unique..  Details galore!!  I know you remember this unforgettable couple.  Lauren and Jason did their e-shoot at the Airstream Ranch a few months back.  I absolutely knew this wedding was going to be amaaazing!  Infact, there were so many details, and so many faaabulous pictures from their wedding, I have to split their wedding up in to two blogs, atleast.  This particular blog is mainly dedicated to their details..  with the exception for one or two pictures of the bride and groom & a few of the dog.

Lauren and Jason had their wedding in their backyard, which is the perfect place for these two.  Their house is one big prop house, basically.  It's covered in antiques and awesome thrift store finds.  I for real need to go shopping with this girl.  She always finds the coolest stuff!

Lauren is an artist.  A fabulous artist!  You can look at her artwork here.
She made several paintings for the wedding.  Totally love it.
A picture of her parent's wedding she has up year-round. 

This is a lyric in a Weezer song Jason played for Lauren when they started dating.  4 years later, she has "turkey" in her ring, and he has "bacon" in his.  Ironically, they are both vegetarians.
Ok, tell me this isn't adorable.  Lauren bought handmade, vintage valentines online and used them as tags for people to write their wishes/advice on! 

Another brilliant detail to their wedding, MASON JARS!  A beautiful red cabinet held a multitude of mason jars with tags to write your name on, so you won't drink Uncle Bobby's tea.   

She set up a "photobooth" complete with fun props for guests to take part of during the reception.  These pictures will be up in the next blog! 

This is one of my favorite details of the day.  They decided to paint something for each other.  The set up was to write something you would do for the other person.  They had no idea what the other was writing.   And this is how perfect they are for each other, they wrote the same thing!!!  I love, love, love this.
Zissou, the world's coolest dog. 

Their three dogs.. super dogs, that is. 

Some of my favorite ring shots.

Bryan trying to imitate Zissou.  You'll see why in the next picture. 

Ok, that's all you get for now.  You'll have to stay tuned for more pictures of this perfectly detailed wedding.


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