Monday, November 1, 2010

Lisa and Dan's St. Pete Wedding

Lisa and Dan's wedding.. very sweet.. very intimate.. very homey, if you will.  I felt right at home with their families and friends.  The ceremony took place at The Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg, a place where Lisa used to visit as a kid.  If you haven't been, you definitely should.  And be sure to bring your camera.  Beautiful place!

Lisa looked amazing!

Dan's son Brendan was very involved during the ceremony.
He read The Irish Prayer.  A song very near and dear to my own heart.  He did such a superb job at it too.  Didn't stumble once!  My nerves would have been all over the place. 

La Veranda for the after ceremony "cocktail hour"..  really just a time to hang out and relax with family and friends.

This wedding was full of dogs!  My kind of wedding!  This is Roxie, Lisa and Dan's dog.  How precious are they?
Love the tongue action 
This is Mario, the dog with the uber
personality.  Dan's mom claims Mario thinks he's human.  And I believe her!  This dog has to sit at the table with everybody, and he has to eat hamburger meat.  And when you sing "happy birthday" he chimes in.. but only to "happy birthday".  Mario, I love you. 
Ellie liked to keep to herself.  But I managed to sneak some pics of her, even though she was a lil shy. 
Ellie: Incognito
Lisa got to watch her wedding..  at her own wedding!  Don't you love technology? 

I was talking to Dan's mom for a moment, and she just lit up when she started talking about Lisa.  She described her as an angel.  I love the love this family has for each other.

I have to admit, this was one of my favorite parts of the day.  I went to the kid's room to see if they'll let me take pictures.. I got this first shot.  LOVED the light and this girl was just fierce.  I showed the kids the pic and they all wanted their picture taken in the chair.  They couldn't get enough pictures of themselves!!  Total hams..  cute, sweet, adorable hams.

It's a bubble parade on the way to dinner!  So much fun!

Congrats Lisa & Dan.  I just loved your wedding, and I love you two.  Thank you for being so sweet to Bryan and I.  Your hospitality was warming.  And I'm so glad you got to go to New Orleans for your honeymoon and had some delicious charbroiled oysters from Drago's.  Sooo delicious.


Kelly said...

The black and white photo of the little boy in the kid's room is by far my favorite. OH MY GOSH. Stunning!!!! Loved all the pictures!

Lola_P said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love the pictures. You have done an awesome job! I love the pictures you took of the children. Like I said to you at the wedding Michaela HATES having pictures taken.

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