Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Myrtice and Willie's Clearwater Wedding

What a special day!  My good friends Myrtice and Willie got married on 10.10.10.  Words can't express how I love this couple!  Myrtice and I have had many breakfasts and lunches at Panera Bread, talking over warm cinnamon crunch bagels and iced mochas.  We even went to Drag Queen Bingo once... we'll go again soon.. Anybody who wants to come, COME!  It's a blast!!
I was so happy that this day was coming for my friends.  They are so happy and so in love, despite the obstacles they face.  But, I'm not here to dwell on their obstacles.  I'm here to focus on their happiness, and how they deserve each other.
Their wedding took place at Island Way Grill in Clearwater Beach.  Myrtice is part Hawaiian.. Tongan to be specific, and they wanted to incorporate some Tongan themes to the wedding.  Her aunt handmade leis for the couple.  She did a stunning job on them, too.
Now this is a man in love. 

I love this candid moment after the ceremony.   
This is another favorite candid moment between the bride and her grandmother. 

They are beautiful, aren't they? 
This picture makes me think Willie really is a prince, king or an ambassador. 
At one point, Myrtice told her guests "I deserve this man".  I can't agree with you more.  He's lucky to have you too, babe.

Guys, I just want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  Myrtice, your friendship has meant the world to me, especially through this rough time with Bryan's health.  I appreciate that I can lean on you, and I hope you know you can lean on me too.  I am just so happy that you have each other, and nothing or no one can keep that from you.  I look forward to many more Panera Bread bagels & Drag Queen Bingos with you girl!


Myrtice Daniels said...

Girl you have me over here crying! I am soooo proud of your work and even prouder to have you as a friend! You know you're my BOO and you know I'm always here and I know you have my back! Love ya!

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