Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Soon to be homeowners!!

Friday, the papers will be signed, the checks will be handed over in return for the keys.  The keys that will open the door to our very first home.  A home that will be all ours, every square inch of it.

We were searching for a house, because we figured this is the perfect time to do so.  We fell in love with the first home we looked at.  I thought "how is this home still on the market??"  I named her "Sarabelle" because she was a yellow brick colonial, and the name seemed to fit her.  I pictured all of our furniture in there, and pictured little kids running around, and walking to the park right next door.  Come to find out, the house sits on a sinkhole.  No wonder why the house was still on the market.
I cried.  Over a house.

We looked at so many other houses in the part of town we wanted to live in, and I was getting frustrated with every one of them.  Too small, not functional.. the spiral staircase in one was SO TIGHT.  I can't imagine walking up and down those stairs, much less our future kids waking up and having to walk down those stairs..  No thank you!
I was losing hope that all the good homes were taken.

We decided to look a little out of our price range, in hopes of talking down the price if we found something perfect.  And, low and behold, we did.  Of course it was hiding there, right out of our price range!  I stepped in and fell in love.  The front half of the house was built in the 40's, and the back half was added on a few years ago.  So it has the best of both worlds.  Old charm and new functionality.  Everything about the house was absolutely perfect, and I knew I had to have this house.  And after some negotiating, we came to an agreement,  and everything started falling into place. 

Since then, we've had a few panic attacks.  What are we getting ourselves into??  This is HUGE!!  It's such a huge investment.  AHHHH!!  Bryan even freaked out while making pancakes.  "I can't do this!"  Haha, we're fine now.  I think it has slightly settled in, and we realize we can handle it.

I'll be taking pictures on Friday when we get in, and blogging them shortly after.  Can't wait!!  WE'RE BUYING A HOUSE!!!!


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