Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stephanie & Eddie's DIY Wedding!!

They were working at Chick-fil-A.  She was 16, he was 18.  Eddie walked through the front door, and Stephanie heard someone say how good he looked.  She looked up and saw him, sun shining behind him, and looking so dreamy.  She had an instant crush, and was determined to date him.  Soon, they started flirting, and making mixed tapes for each other.  A few weeks later, Eddie admitted to her that it's not the same when she's not around.  And the rest is history.  He still makes mixed cd's for her.
The wedding took place at Twenty Eight Twelve.  FABULOUS venue!!  Can I get married again please?

LOVE LOVE LOVE this adorable cake from Sun Baked LLC.
Adorable cake topper too!
Best boutonniere EVER!!!
Every venue should have a fabulous barn.
LOVED this wedding.  Down to every detail.  PERFECTION!  Stephanie, you did such a great job.  And what a special couple the two of you make.  It was my pleasure capturing your awesome wedding.  Please get your vows renewed soon so I can photograph that too!!! 


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