Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kayla & Calvin's Wedding Day

Kayla and Calvin's wedding day still makes me smile.  I fell in love with everything!  The beautiful bride, the ring bearer, the dress, flowers..  even the hanger for the dress!!
It was suuuch a hot day.  The kind of heat that makes you melt the second you walk outside.  So we tried to stay inside as much as possible.  And when we were outside, I had to keep telling everyone to wipe their sweat so it doesn't show up in pictures, haha.  I've been praying for a freak snow storm to bless the Sunshine State. 
But as hot as this day was, I can't express how happy I was to be there.  The whole day was perfectly perfect.

Here is the story on how they met, told by Kayla.
"Oh boy.... A mutual friend (one of the groomsmen actually) suggested we meet. I was like ummm no thanks, I think I'll pass. After weeks of our friends attempting to get us together, we eventually met and it was super awkward. So I figured I'd never see him again and I'd continue along in my singleness. Little did I know, my matchmaking roommate (my bridesmaid, Jen ) was already planning me and Calvin's life together....creepy. Oh, but it gets worse! I would come home from work and Jen would nonchalantly tell me, "oh by the way, Calvin's coming over tonight ". Jen persisted through my annoyance and continued to invite my future husband over. Calvin has told me he was pretty sure I hated him because I refused to speak to him. After a few more awkward encounters, we eventually became friends, staying up all night talking (well he actually did most of the talking). I think I scared him because it took him a few weeks to ask for my number. Then there was the first date...that I apparently ruined because I ate my dinner too fast and didn't have room for dessert which threw off the timing for the movie. Then we saw an awful, awful movie ("Reveloutionary Road", where Kate Winslet gave herself an abortion - not first date material! ). But we made it through the awkwardness and went on more dates, and kissed and became best friends and got married! And here we are two and a half years later!"
My dream dress.  Utterly spectacular.

I fell in love with this little guy.  My vote for the best ring bearer outfit ever.  And he had the best facial expressions!!

The first look.  I already posted these pictures in a previous blog, but I couldn't help but to post them again.  This had to be my favorite first look that I've done.  It was taken place at the Ringling Museum.  Stunning.  I could have been there all day.

This church is very special to the couple.  Calvin's dad is the pastor, and he also was the officiant of the wedding.  Very special indeed.

I love beautiful moments.

Ceviche has the best food!!!

I managed to kidnap the couple and we took pictures around the restaurant.

Mother of the Bride with Kayla's cutie nephew.

And to end, here are some pictures of my super hot husband helping me out for the day.

The elevator to hell.  Not really, it's just REALLY red.

Bryan takes pictures of me too, but I don't like to show them.. Haha.. I'm not too keen on pictures of myself.  One day, one day.


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