Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mrs. H's Boudoir and Bridal Shoots

Ok, I'll say it.  I LOVE BOUDOIR!!!  It's everything.  It's sexy, it's fun, it's fashion.. I can't get enough.  Mrs. H and I had an awesome time on this shoot.  We did not stop laughing.  She wanted to do this as a present for her fiance', now husband.  She put on this big whole elaborate story about how she's going to a party, so she had to curl her hair & managed to pack away the most lingerie I've seen outside of Victoria Secret.
Funny story.   Before she got there, I had a bottle of wine with no corkscrew.  So I tried to call the lobby, but the phone didn't work.  So I peeked out in the hallway, and asked housekeeping & manager how to work the phone, not thinking they would make their way into my room, but they did.  And behold, all of my camera equipment laid out..  AND the wine.  I can only imagine what was going through their heads.  I wanted to die!  When Mrs. H got there, she brought her corkscrew, but we had no idea how to use it.  Feeling ridiculous, we looked up how to use this kind of corkscrew on youtube.  We got it... eventually.  NOW we could get started!

Mrs. H is gorgeous.  Like WOW, jaw dropping to the floor, clean up the drool gorgeous.  Photographing her was every photographer's dream.  She made my job not only fun but easy as pie.  Totally loved working with her.

Something fun to start off the shoot with.

Get ready for this one.... 
Totally my favorite of the day.  Hottness!!

There were so many fabulous, sexy pictures..  some too racey to share.  But I'm sure Mr. H loves them.  :)
After the boudoir session, we did a bridal session.  Mrs. H was getting married in another state, so she wanted her bridals done here.  I was thrilled to oblige. 

We left the hotel to find a field we could use.  We drove around Tampa, trying to beat the sunset, and I remembered I found this field a long time ago in the middle of an apartment complex.  It was perfect.


I freaking love this.

I told her to dance..  in a field..  in the middle of an apartment complex.  And she did it.  Bride of the Year award, right here!!


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