Friday, August 26, 2011

Ginger & PJ are ENGAGED!!!

Immediately, I fell in love with Ginger & PJ.  So unique, and fun.. Ginger is a FIRE HOOP DANCER!!  And PJ loves to surf and dress up in funny costumes and outfits!  Ok, be honest.. Didn't you just fall in love with them too?  During our consultation, we were brainstorming on some eshoot ideas.  Being the fabulous and unique couple that they are, a plain jane shoot wouldn't do.  No, no no.  I think it was PJ who brought up the surfboard idea.  As soon as he mentioned the word "surfboard", I was all about it.  GENIUS!!!! 

The day of the shoot rolled around.  I was so excited, I couldn't contain my excitement.. until I looked outside.  It was dark, and it was hours before sunset.  We decided to give it a shot anyway & we'll make it work.  I was so bummed because I had this beautiful SoCal image in my head.  Yes, I realize I'm in FL, but I had a image in my head.  So let me be.  But you know FL weather, one spot will be rainy and a 1/2 a mile down the road, it's completely sunny.  I was still worried, because I know how fast things can change.  Luckily, not only did it stay rain-free but it was completley cool.  It hasn't been that nice since early March.  And just wait till you see the sunset!

I don't normally have my clients pick me up and drive to our location, but I'm so glad we did this time, because I got this picture.
Hehe, don't try this yourselves!  I was scared out of my mind, between PJ's driving and this gigantic surfboard, which literally touched the back window and the front windshield.

Bryan laughed at this picture.  He said, "Where are they going to surf?  There's not one wave!"  Party pooper, I like this picture very much, thank you.

GINGER!!!!  You are STUNNING!  Ugh, I both love and hate you.

SO glad we didn't reschedule the shoot.  I want to keep this sunset in my pocket. 

We were wrapping up, when PJ spotted some dolphins in the water.  So into the water they went.  LOVE THEM! 

My favorite.  Two dolphins playing together.  <3 <3 <3

So the park is closing.  We need to leave.  But this sunset is so beyond perfect, I'm still snapping away.  I couldn't resist.  Besides a slight vignette, this photo is untouched.  Gorgeous, right?

So, we're walking to the car and Ginger looks at me.  She takes a deep breath, and says, "Jessica.  Don't. Move."  Those are dangerous words.  I know what those words mean.  There is a bug on me.  I looked down, and on my shootsac, there is the world's largest grasshopper/locust monster, literally staring at me, so ready to pounce.  I go into panic mode.  I try throwing the bag on the ground, but I know any slight movement, it's going to jump on my face and eat my brains.  I try to shrink, duck my head, shut my eyes as tight as they can go & flat out panic without moving.  Ginger, my hero, with one swift movement swipes it away.  I don't know how she did it, mentally.  I wouldn't have been able to do it.  Hero.  There are no words..  Ginger, I owe you.
And no, I did not get a picture of the monster.
But I did get one more shot...

This shoot is defintely one of my all time favorites.  A gorgeous couple, surfboard, amazing sunset and wild dolphins...  How in the world does it get better?
Can't wait for the wedding!!!!!!!!


Kelly said...

These pictures are amazing!! And a fire hoop dancer!!!! What!!!!!! I already love her and I don't know her! So cool!

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