Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rhonda & Mark are having a baby!

There is something about a pregnant woman.  Something gorgeous and special.  I could just sit there and soak it in, but I'm afraid that would be a lil creepy.
I'm so excited for Mark and Rhonda to meet their little baby girl, Addison.  They are so anxious, and can't wait.  I look at them together, with their two little jack russell's, and I can see how this family will be a perfect fit for such a sweet & special baby.
We started the shoot at their Wesley Chapel home, making sure the dog's are a part of the shoot.  They were so adorable.  So excited to see me, but as soon as I took out my camera, they were like WHAAAAT IS THAT??  All of a sudden, they weren't too excited to see me.

Rhonda & Mark, can't wait to see Addison!!  She's going to be such a gorgeous & so perfect!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Soon to be homeowners!!

Friday, the papers will be signed, the checks will be handed over in return for the keys.  The keys that will open the door to our very first home.  A home that will be all ours, every square inch of it.

We were searching for a house, because we figured this is the perfect time to do so.  We fell in love with the first home we looked at.  I thought "how is this home still on the market??"  I named her "Sarabelle" because she was a yellow brick colonial, and the name seemed to fit her.  I pictured all of our furniture in there, and pictured little kids running around, and walking to the park right next door.  Come to find out, the house sits on a sinkhole.  No wonder why the house was still on the market.
I cried.  Over a house.

We looked at so many other houses in the part of town we wanted to live in, and I was getting frustrated with every one of them.  Too small, not functional.. the spiral staircase in one was SO TIGHT.  I can't imagine walking up and down those stairs, much less our future kids waking up and having to walk down those stairs..  No thank you!
I was losing hope that all the good homes were taken.

We decided to look a little out of our price range, in hopes of talking down the price if we found something perfect.  And, low and behold, we did.  Of course it was hiding there, right out of our price range!  I stepped in and fell in love.  The front half of the house was built in the 40's, and the back half was added on a few years ago.  So it has the best of both worlds.  Old charm and new functionality.  Everything about the house was absolutely perfect, and I knew I had to have this house.  And after some negotiating, we came to an agreement,  and everything started falling into place. 

Since then, we've had a few panic attacks.  What are we getting ourselves into??  This is HUGE!!  It's such a huge investment.  AHHHH!!  Bryan even freaked out while making pancakes.  "I can't do this!"  Haha, we're fine now.  I think it has slightly settled in, and we realize we can handle it.

I'll be taking pictures on Friday when we get in, and blogging them shortly after.  Can't wait!!  WE'RE BUYING A HOUSE!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Leia & Ryan's Wedding Part II

Part Two of Leia & Ryan's Wedding Blog.
A love story.
"While I was busy prepping for the Marine Corps birthday celebration 2 years ago at my work, Ryan was busy prepping a Marine General that he was the aide to approx 30 miles away, he was to be our guest appearance. The General spoke to our organization about the Marine Corps birthday and turning another year older.

Then the celebration of eating birthday cake and punch was on. I was diligently serving many people cake and punch when I looked up and Ryan was staring at me through the crowd, and then he walked over to my table and we began talking, immediately hitting it off.

“Happy birthday, sir,” I said wishing him a good Marine Corps birthday and offered him a piece of cake and punch; he didn’t want the cake and punch he really just wanted to talk to me!

So the time came for him to escort his General back to his place of work, and in closing he hesitated then took a step back and asked for my phone number!

Our first date was him preparing me dinner at his place; it was a grilled chicken salad with feta and pinot grigio, and chocolate ice cream afterwards with a movie. We sat in silence watching the movie, then he reached over and said “I want to do something”, I said “ok,” then he just kissed me! The sweetest thing that ended that first date was when he waited at the end of his driveway safely seeing me drive off, until he couldn’t see me anymore.

Almost two years later, I woke one morning to him with a ring in his hand asking me to marry him, it was the greatest thing to awake to, and of course I said YES!

My biggest fear joining my life with someone else was to lose my identity; he promises me still to this day that he will not clip my wings. Our journey together has only begun, as I look forward to sharing my life with him and supporting each other in each of our endeavors. "

Um, HELLO!  Marines can DANCE!!
Watch out for Missy Heider.  She's going to be famous!
Congrats to Leia & Ryan!!  I had a blast at your wedding, and all the other shoots we did together.  You two are major rockstars, and I'm sooooo lucky I got to be your photographer.  Continue taking amazing pictures of Japan!  I'm loving them so far.  Totally makes me want to take a trip and see you!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Honey, have I told you lately how much I appreciate you?  You are the glue that holds me together. 
I love you.
PS- You're the hottest second shooter ever.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Leia & Ryan's Wedding. Part I

There are so many fabulous pictures from Leia & Ryan's wedding, I have to split them up.  I'm not even done editing, but I decided to post 62 of my favorites so far.
Leia & Ryan got married at the same place Bryan and I got married 3 years ago.  It was so nice to reminisce, and even share this bond with this couple... Well, that's how I felt anyway.  I loved every moment of being there and capturing their wedding day.
Stay tuned for Part II, and their sweet love story.

As I've mentioned in their other blogs, they are both Marines, now located in Okinawa, Japan!
Taking a break from getting ready, everyone wanted to take a peek of where the wedding will be.
And this is what they saw.
On the elevator ride down...
Brotherly love

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