Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Stewarts

This has been over a month in the making. Tons of rescheduling due to the weather.. too cold, overcast, rainy.. you name it! We were FINALLY lucky enough to schedule on a good day! But unfortunately, it was still pretty chilly for cute little 5 month old Sedona. We did manage to get some adorable shots of her. And the awesome thing about her, even when she started to cry, she didn't frown! Haha! She was such a little sweet pea. And I loved the cute little songs her mommy & daddy sang her to get her attention or make her happy. She was just so precious, and I loved her beautiful blue eyes. But the poor thing was so cold. Even cuddled up in her adorable pink onesie parka, she was still too cold to go any further. So shoot #2 to be scheduled some time in the future!!


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