Monday, February 1, 2010

Brittany + Kraig

Congratulations to Brittany and Kraig on their engagement!! What a sweet and fun couple! Brittany and I have been talking through email for a few weeks, trying to plan a day to do their pictures. I knew we would hit it off, cause she was so sweet and down to earth, and so excited to get her engagement pictures done. I think she caught on to my excitement too, cause she said she loved my enthusiasm. Haha, I kinda felt like a dork because I guess I get overly excited about engagement pictures. What can I say? I love what I do! So we picked a day, and as it got closer, we saw it was going to storm. Now, talk about enthusiasm, Brittany kept an eye on the hourly forecast like a pro. So we decided to take our chances with the rain, and bring the umbrellas just in case. We met, and I instantly fell in love with this couple! Very go with the flow, "just tell me what to do, and I'll do it" kind of people. And they had me laughing the entire time. It was cold, windy, the sun was hiding, but they were troopers and had a good time, and it showed in the pictures.

They were so cute when they kissed. I would take the picture, and move out of the way. A few seconds later, they're still kissing and he says "Oh, I'm sorry. Are we done?" I didn't want to interrupt!

I loved her ring!! Very gorgeous and unique!

Just had to show the "BIG GUNS" next to the big gun

I hope he doesn't mind me posting this picture! During the outfit change, Brittany had his shoes, so he had to wait for her to get back. Hence the socks and shoes. And I just had to take a picture, and he agreed!! So here he is, performing the 'Irish Jig'. Told you they were a fun couple!!

Brittany, you are GORGEOUS!!

So much in love!

It was a pleasure and an honor to do your engagement pictures! I had a blast! Congratulations again guys!


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