Friday, March 5, 2010


Running through the park, chasing after her bone, Izzy looks nothing more than a ball of fur blowing in the wind. 5lbs of cute little fur. My friend and nail tech, Lynda and I share stories of our pups and always have the best time when I get my nails done. I always look forward to our visits together. She got Izzy around the same time I got Jazz, so we're going through this puppy thing together. So I got so excited when I got the opportunity to do a shoot with cute little Izzy and Lynda. Let me mention that Lynda is absolutely 100% gorgeous. She was my model during my very first shoot with my mentor, Horatio from Studio Four Photography. And she was faaaantastic! Check out some of her pictures at the very beginning of my blog. So I met up with Lynda and Izzy at the park and captured some of the cutest shots of this lil pup. She is too precious for words, and boy was she HYPER!! So cute though. We had a blast. After the shoot, we went to the dog park, Izzy's very first time playing with other dogs. And let me tell you. She held her own. She managed, in a matter of minutes to become the leader of all the dogs there. She played rough, they played rough back, and she took it! This dog was like super dog out there. Simply amazing, that lil Izzy!

Sweet Izzy kisses

Lynda has THE BEST smile!!


I love how it looks like she's flying through the air.

Yummy treats makes Izzy stand still


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