Monday, March 8, 2010

World, meet Adam. Adam, meet the world!!

There are many cute things in the world. Kittens, puppies, basically any baby animal. But there is nothing, NOTHING more precious than a baby, and no one can deny it. So angelic, innocent and perfect... thats the way God created them! Bryan and I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Adam on his 3rd day of life. Weighing in at less than 5 lbs, little Adam was having trouble staying warm. Swaddled and bundled with a hat that read "little cutie", Adam laid in the arms of his loving parents. I stopped by their home to drop off their pictures from the maternity shoot, shot just days before Regis went into labor. And while I was there, I couldn't resist taking pictures of the newborn. So sorry to Regis and Josh if I was in the way at all! You two are so sweet, and I know for a fact that yall are going to be amazing parents. For the little time I was there, you both already seemed like pros. Here's to a lifetime of love, giggles and memories! Adam, you are very well loved!

A beautiful, bright sign to welcome home the newest addition.


So sweet. So so sweet!

The new mommy!


KelliOnSaipan said...

I am Adam's grammi. Thank you so much for putting pictures of them up on your blog. I live on an island in the middle of the Pacific, and can't be there until March 15. So every photo and video is a wonderful blessing to me. Your photography is awesome. You can check out some of our pictures on We also enjoy photography very much.
Thanks again. Kelli Blalock

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