Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jenn & Eric are ENGAGED!!

I love a fun engagement session.  Don't you?  Jenn & Eric were full of laughs, smiles and fun ideas.  I want to hang out with them all day.
Here is their love story, told by Jen!
So after a couple of failed attempts at the whole Happily Ever After scene I was introduced to Plenty Of Fish by a friend of mine she helped me set up an account now I was very skeptical because I tried & that was a huge bust. So I went in w/ caution anyways I said to myself what do I got to loose right if anything I just meet new people & get free dinners out of it lol... So after a few dates nothing too exciting happen I was close to giving up until one lonely and bored night I went on I said to myself this is the last time & I am deleting you lol.. I was searching then I came across a Hot Fishy named Eric his profile pic's had me go WOW he's HOT so I read his profile & liked what I read so what the heck I threw in my bait to see if he would catch it lol... After that night I checked my email like every day off & on I was hooked on this guy for some reason as the days passed I was getting sad bc I didn't hear back from him, but bc i am relentless I sent him one more bait and sure enough after a couple of days he replied back (big sigh) I was doing the happy dance!!! He apologized for taking long to respond back he is on the road a lot for his job so after a couple of emails back and forth we exchanged numbers and we started talking on the phone for hours until our phones went dead we started talking in the middle of the week by the end of that week we had our first date let me tell you those few days seemed like the longest days of my entire life I was so excited to meet my Fishy everything we talked about seemed to perfect to good to be true was he my prince charming finally did I find the one??? I told my friends all about this Eric & showed them his pic's they were all so jealous and so happy for me I was like a kid in a candy store I couldn't wait to meet him! So the BIG DAY came 11/20/2009 we met at his friends house whom happen to live right around the corner from me how ironic when I got out of my car he was there waiting for me I had butterflies in my stomach I thought I was going to die I was so nervous, but when our eyes met my whole body just went numb I was smiling ear to ear as he was too he gave me a kiss on my lips & a big hug it was magical lol!! We went out for dinner & for walk on the beach it was a perfect 1st date & it wouldn't be the last!! We have been together ever since he was away for the 1st yr we were together he was only able to come home on the weekends so every weekend it was like meeting again for the 1st time!! On July 5, 2011 I came home from work to find a bouquet of my favorite flowers & a card on the table a beautiful card w/ instructions at the very end to meet me him in the bedroom so I went of course there he was smiling ear to ear like the day we met I looked on the dresser on my mirror he wrote I love you Jenn!!! Just to say I Love you on a piece of paper w/a little square box sitting on top I open it to find the most precious,perfect, beautiful engagement ring inside I was shaking yet once again he then asked me to marry me him & the rest is history I finally found my dream come true so you see boys & girls there are plenty of fish in the sea you just got to catch the right one I know I did.


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