Thursday, December 22, 2011

Poblick Family

You may remember this family.  I shot them last year sometime.  Kim, the mother of these precious twins, we go way back.. I wanna say 9 years?  I used to work at Jenny Craig, and she was my boss in Metairie, LA.  I looooved working with Kim.  I can honestly say she is one of my favorite people to work for.. ever.  After Katrina came, I moved here to the Tampa area and I remembered this is where Kim was from.  So I called her & she said she's living here again!  Soon afterwards, she's pregnant with TWINS!  I couldn't tell you how excited I was for her & Joe.  I know they've been trying for a long time, and what a blessing to have two amazing babies!  And yes, they are quite amazing.  These girls are full of personality & love.  Totally makes me want to have twin girls.. just like them.
Kim called me, saying the girls want to be models and actresses.  I can SO see it.  These girls have it.  So they wanted pictures to get started.  I loved working with these sweeties.  They will be famous, just watch.

 My sister has a great dane, a husky and a boston terrier.  I thought their house was a madhouse.  That's nothing compared to when this family gets together.  Everyone has at least one great dane.  And there's also a bull mastiff, and of course you have to have a little yorkie in the mix.  Everyone kept asking me if I was afraid of great danes.  I LOVE great danes!!  And watching.. let's count.. 5 great danes & a bull mastiff play together..  well, that's just entertaining!!

I love this picture.  Makes me so glad I grew up with sisters.  Sisters are the best.


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