Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nicole & Chris are MARRIED!!!

Now, who wouldn't love to get married at the aquarium???  Beautiful floor to ceiling tanks with AMAZING fish swimming by while you say your vows..  I mean, come on!! 
And I just fell in love with Nicole & Chris.  Super sweet, and I'm so excited they wanted me as their photographer.  Chris is even from the New Orleans area, and is a major Saints fan!!  We bonded right away.  (WHO DAT!)
So glad Bryan was there to get these amazing 1st look shots.
And this was my view.

Get ready to die of cuteness!  They had PENGUINS walk down the aisle.  PENGUINS!!!!  One of them was a rebel and decided he didn't want to go back to the trainer, so he took a detour in one of the rows, hid under the MOB's dress, and eventually made it back out to everyone laughing.  Too, too cute.  Loved it.  A penguin is now on my christmas list.
This shark was totally cool too.  I think he loved seeing what was going on.  He basically stayed in front of the glass, passing back and forth.  Made for some really awesome pictures.

Congratulations Nicole & Chris!!!  So happy I was your photographer!!  This wedding rocked!


Jeanine Leigh said...

Oh man, these are great! I wish we got the penguins XD

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