Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Laura & Kevin are MARRIED!!! Part Two!

Part two of Laura & Kevin's wedding.  There were so many pictures, I couldn't fit them in one blog.  I can't express how much I enjoyed every moment and every detail of this wedding.  My DREAM WEDDING.

The sweetest moment ever between the two moms. 

Something about this... a lil sweet, a lil sexy..  I love it.

The dessert buffet.  There are no words.
Well, I'll try.  Every pie, cookie, cake, cupcake... everything homemade by Laura, her mom & her sister.  Best desserts I've ever had.  No lie.  It's now my goal in life to convince them to open up a bakery in St. Petersburg.  I'll be their biggest fan.   I'll be there so much, they would need to give me my own room.  Just look at all the desserts they made.

Cutest vintage cake toppers I've ever seen!!

I fell in love with all of the mixed & matched china plates.  I want to start collecting them so I can have a fancy plate stash for parties... because I'm fancy.


Was this not the most precious wedding ever??  Are you blown away with their details??  I'm telling you..  Bakery/Wedding Planning... AND her sister is a videographer!!  They could have a wedding monopoly!!

Congratulations to Laura & Kevin!  Couldn't be happier for yall!!


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