Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brett & Bobbi Jo "Engagement" pictures

I'm shaking with excitement over here. Brett and Bobbi Jo are so super fun, and it totally showed in their pictures. Let me tell you a lil about them. They are from West Virginia, and came down to Clearwater to get married. Very small, intimate wedding. But they wanted to do a shoot the day before the wedding too! As soon as I met them, we immediately clicked. Soo sweet! Right away, Bobbi Jo told me about her obsession with American Idol and designer shoes too!! Love her! And their accents, oh my.. I just want to wrap it up in a box and open it when I want to smile. Bobbi Jo said "let me go get my makeup." But what I heard was "let me go get my mikeup". You just don't hear that here!! And oh sweet Brett, sweet sweet Brett. So much fun, I love his laugh.. it's just like mine. Loud and big! And they just love each other so much. They've been dating since Jr. High!! Now that is sweet!! And he said the sweetest thing to me. She was asking what she should do with her hair, and he said "I think her hair is amazing." I let out a small (although it may have been a loud) "aww". Seriously?? You guys melt my heart. Ceremony pics are next and Part Two of Brett & Bobbi Jo. Hope you guys are having fun on your honeymoon!!


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