Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kristin and Paul are NOW engaged!!

I met Kristin when I went to New Orleans last December. She works with my sister at one of the greatest restaurants in the world, DRAGO'S!! She's beautiful, and full of personality! I love the sense of humor on this girl. We talked about doing pictures of her and her boyfriend when I came down next, and I couldn't wait. I was really so excited about this shoot.
So we went down to City Park, found some nice areas and just had fun! Kristin and Paul were so sweet, fun and so in love. And I LOVE that they switched into their Hornets and Saints jerseys. Gotta love those New Orleans teams!!
So maybe a week after I got home, PAUL PROPOSED!!! So NOW they are officially engaged. Congratulations guys!! Kristin, you will be such a stunning bride!


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