Friday, May 21, 2010

Brett & Bobbi Jo's Wedding Pictures

The day of Brett & Bobbi Jo's wedding.. well, let's just say it was wet, like flooding kind of wet. What's the worst thing you can think of when you're getting married at the beach? Rain. Lots and lots of rain that wouldn't stop. And my heart broke for them, because they came from West Virginia to have a beach wedding! So the location of the ceremony changed a few times, as they frantically tried to find a new spot. They were lucky that this was a small wedding and they didn't have to move a bunch of guests. So after waiting in our cars to find out what we're doing, and driving to the new ceremony site, we ended up at the Best Man's parent's beach house. Thank God for Tom!! The beach was gorgeous and deserted. Beautiful stormy blue skies and green water. Bobbi Jo looked RADIANT in her wedding dress. Couldn't have been more perfect. Brett sang for her during the ceremony while Tom played the guitar. (Bryan, why didn't YOU sing for me at OUR wedding???) It was BEAUTIFUL and so sweet! Unfortunetly, there was only enough time for the ceremony. They are having a reception when they get back to West Virginia with their friends and family. Right now they are on their honeymoon cruise. When they get back, they are going to get back in their wedding gear (because really, who doesn't want to wear their wedding dress again??) and we'll take more "wedding" pictures. SO stayed tuned to Brett and Bobbi Jo Part 3!!!


Jessica Brumfield said...

The Pictures are wonderful. I wished I could have been there. I am his sister, Jessica, and I think you done a good job!

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