Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brett & Bobbi Jo Wedding: PART TWO

Because it was so rainy and dark on their actual wedding day, Brett and Bobbi Jo wanted to do another shoot after they got back from their honeymoon cruise. I was all for it!! Not to mention, super jealous. I want to get back into my wedding dress!! I think this shoot was my favorite out of the three I did with them. I'm a very detail kind of person, especially when it comes to wedding details. I loved shooting them getting ready, details of the dress, etc. And the weather outside was peeerfect. It was funny, however, it started raining when they were getting ready. You should have seen their faces. They were like "AGAIN???". Luckily, it was a short FL shower that lasted maybe 3 mins.
I had so much fun with this couple. Love them to pieces. Every time I get excited about a picture, I do a little dance, and they are dancing right along with me. Right after that, Brett runs up to me, dyyying to see what we were just celebrating. I adore them. LOVE them! I'm so sad they are now back in West Virginia, but i know I gained friends for life. I hope to see them soon!! Congratulations again, Brett & Bobbi Jo!! I'm so happy you two are now one, after so many years. My heart is truly happy for you both.


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