Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cherub & Little Me

Get ready for cuteness.  I mean serious, "omg i want to smother them in kisses" cuteness.  These little girls are the daughters of my former boss, back from when I was living in New Orleans.  I knew she's originally from Tampa, so when I moved to Clearwater, I gave her a call, and she was here too!   What are the chances?  So these are her little ones!  I had the honor of shooting her and her family at their home..  and at the end of the night, I wanted twin girls.  Tutus, tea parties and everything girly you can think of.  They were just so sweet, and so funny.  I had a blast with them.  So look at these pictures, and if you don't want to melt at their sweet faces...  well just go away then.  One reminds me of a cherub, and the other one reminds me of ME when I was a lil kid.   Ok, God, can I have twin girls... PLEASE?


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