Monday, August 30, 2010

Molly + Jeb.. amazing Naples weekend

Molly, Jeb and I all went to high school together.  Best school ever, Bolton High School in Alexandria, LA.. Class of '01.  Molly was the adorable Class President and Jeb, the school brain.  They didn't start dating until 6 years after high school!  Talk about re-uniting!  He was living in Houston, she's living in Orlando, and he ended up moving here for her!  Awww!  3 years later, he takes her on a surprise trip to St. Augustine and proposed!!  Double awwww!!  Imagine my excitement when I read that Molly wants to do an engagement session!!  I wanted to scream with pure joy.  Not only do I get to re-unite with my old classmates, but I get to have the honor of shooting their engagement session!!  I was even more excited when we made plans to go to Naples for the weekend and do the shoot!  Hello Naples vacation!!  We took sooo many pictures.. And they are so beautiful and super photogenic, nearly every single one of them turned out perfect.  We had so much fun, I didn't want to come home.  Molly & Jeb, anytime you wanna take another trip, let me know!!

We were brainstorming of ideas, and she mentioned they like to play chess.  I wanna say Jeb won one, and Molly won one..  right??  Or let's just say Molly won one.

How cute are they.. really.

Oh Molly, you are just precious.  PRECIOUS!

Perfect early morning.  Nice and cool, and the beach was gorgeous!

Precious, and STUNNING!!  Hello, Molly!!

Jeb, you are quite the hunk!

This is my American Eagle picture.  :)


Timothy Capp said...

4th from the bottom... LOVE IT!

Kellie Harris said...

Nailed it Jessica!! Amazing photos!

Anonymous said...

OH! They are just tooo cute for WORDS!! I almost teared up, I could feel the love coming right off the page! You did a great job Jessica! Love, Sarah Hudson McDaniel

Molly Cook said...

Let's just say I DID win one game of chess, haha. Jessica, I am going to continue bragging on your work for a long time and would love to provide a testimonial. And if you need any help with publicity I'd be glad to assist pro bono. We are full supporters of Jessica Charles Photography.


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