Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas 2010

Finally, here are my Christmas pictures.  It's better late than never, right?  Bryan and I spent Christmas with his side of the family.  One of the reasons why I love this is because Christmas is always more fun with kids.  In this case, with my little nephews, Alex and Aidan.  And this was an extra special Christmas because it was just a few days after we found out Sandy is a perfect match for Bryan, and he'll be receiving her kidney.  (We found out a few days ago that the transplant will take place on Valentine's Day!)

Thank you for my awesome sister-n-law, Kelly for taking this picture.  It's our angel Sandy, Bryan and Linda, Bryan's aunt and Sandy's life partner.

A close up of me..  Merry Christmas, I know you wanted it.

Alex received the game Mousetrap for Christmas.  I haven't played since I was little, and apparently neither has his dad, Stephen.  We ended up setting the whole board before the game started, and then realized it was a 'build as you go' kind of thing.  The cool thing was, Alex could care less.  He loved the mousetrap.
Stephen with my other nephew, Aidan.
Can I tell you how much I love this kid?

This is me losing.

Alex with Jingles, the elf who comes to stay with them during the holidays to make sure they are good boys.
Christmas morning

This was the only thing he wanted for Christmas.  He has the best expressions. 

The guys taking their Christmas naps.

Now it's time for some of my presents to get the spotlight.
When Bryan and I were walking around the French Quarter when we were in New Orleans for Thanksgiving, I came across this teapot and completely fell in love.  He remembered it, and ordered it online when we got home.  How thoughtful is my guy?

I needed a case for my Ipad, and Mr. Thoughtful got me a custom one with my logo printed on it!! 

You know I love my saints!  I'm currently reading Drew Brees' book.  And yes, it's awesome!  I also can't wait to get in my Brees Jersey!! 

I am a Glee FANATIC!  I mean big-time.  I've been having these songs stuck in my head since I got them.  Especially Pokerface. 

Present of all presents..  Season passes to Disney World!  Weeeeeee!! 

My mom gave me this teapot.  It's very special.  It was a gift given to my grandparents at their wedding.  I'm sentimental like that.   

Like 'Goodnight Moon'?  Like New Orleans?  You'll love 'Goodnight NOLA! 

It was such a great Christmas.  I loved every single moment.  Thanks to everyone who made it so special.  Now here's to a great Valentine's Day!! 


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