Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tiffany and Michael's New Year's Eve (Secret) Wedding Blog No. 2

Tiffany and Michael had this huge wedding planned, the whole nine and then some.  But a big wedding was never in Tiffany's heart.  Add in a few family members trying to take over, Tiffany had it.  They called the whole thing off.  Months down the road, Tiffany was still longing to be Mrs. Dillmann, without the fuss of a big wedding.  After all, it's about the two of them and their lives together.  So they started planning a small, intimate, SECRET wedding.  Yes, SECRET!!  How does anyone pull that off??  Well, they did it!  New Year's Eve, she announced on her facebook "I'll be spending the first day of 2011 in a big white dress. That's right, I'm getting married tomorrow! Surprise!" 
It was a perfect, beautiful wedding.  I think she said 18 of their very closest family and friends. 
Look below this blog to see their first blog dedicated to pre-ceremony and details.  Very, very fabulous!

As Tiffany walked through the field, towards him and their family and friends, all Michael could say was "Oh my gosh, she looks so beautiful."  I thought this was so sweet.  This is the first time I've ever heard the groom say something while the bride walked down the 'aisle'.  He didn't hold back what his heart was feeling.  Just over and over, "she is so beautiful".  I wanted to cry right at that second.

Instead of a traditional wedding cake, they opted for a delicious CHEESECAKE from A Better Cheesecake in Clearwater.  Brilliant!!

Tiffany handmade these to resemble her own dogs.  How talented is she!? 
This intimate dinner/reception was held at Timpano's in Hyde Park.
Hello gorgeous people!  I can't help but to think "Jessica Rabbit" when I look at this picture.  What do you think?
I felt extremely honored and privileged to shoot such a heartfelt wedding with two special people.  Thank you, Tiffany and Mike.  I'm so happy you got the wedding of your dreams.  Every part of it was magical and perfect.


jessica said...

I love the idea of a secret wedding. so romantic. great job capturing these!

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