Monday, January 17, 2011

Karen and Matt's Eshoot

There is something about fields.  I love the rustic feeling, the wide open space.. the cows.  Yes, I guess I should have prepared for the cows.  But Karen and Matt were pros, and put up with the herd inching closer and closer.  I think I was freaking out more than anyone.  BUT, I don't regret shooting at this location at all.  It was perfect. 
The cows freaked us out, so we changed outfits and a new location.

Let's just say this cow had guts..  Definitely the bravest one out of the herd.  Notice the piles of cow dung?
I totally loved this pig/cow hybrid.
As if I weren't scared enough, they completely blocked the car.

I had so much fun at this shoot.  Thanks Karen and Matt for indulging me.  I can't wait for your wedding!!!


Michelle Guzman said...

Oh my goodness. This is a unique location. Love that brave cow. :) Fun engagement photos.

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