Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My favorite Disney memory

Wow, I'm not doing very well with my blogging at least 3x's a week, am I? 

Bryan and I are planning our 3 year anniversary trip to DISNEY WORLD!  Thanks to Holly and Butch, my in laws, we received season passes for Christmas..  can you say BEST PRESENT IN THE WORLD, BESIDES A NEW KIDNEY???   We haven't decided.. Magic Kingdom?  Animal Kingdom?  Epcot?  Hollywood Studios?  From past experiences, I know we will not be attempting all 4 in one weekend.

My favorite Disney memory..  Well, ok, this is going to make me sound like a uber dork.  My first time going to Disney was with Bryan when I first moved here, when I was 22.  My life long dream, up until that point was meeting my favorite Disney princess, Ariel.  Yes, even at 22, my heart longed to meet the redhead Princess.  As a kid, I would very often be caught singing "Part of Your World", and pretending to be a mermaid when swimming.  I even wanted my future husband to have dark hair and blue eyes, like Prince Eric.  For my 21st birthday, while most people would be out celebrating at a bar, I was at Princesses on Ice with my mom.  So my first trip to Disney, I knew, was going to be special.  We arrived at Ariel's Grotto, where there was an hour wait to meet my favorite Princess.  So I waited, semi-paitently, surrounded by small kids who weren't nearly as excited as I was.  Smiling ear to ear, I turned around to one of the little girls and said "Are you excited???"  And she looked at me like I was nuts, and hid behind her mom.  Well, who could blame her?  So FINALLY it was my turn to meet Ariel.  It's all kind of a blur..  I said something like "I've waited my whole life to meet you."..  And she was such a good sport.. Instead of laughing hysterically at me, she said "I've waited my whole life to meet you!" in her super sweet Princess voice.  And we had our picture taken together, me, with the biggest, goofiest smile, and Ariel, looking beautiful as ever.  My life was complete.  I met Ariel.

Forgive the crappy picture.  There was another one, but I tried to fix my red eyes, and they turned out black and I look evil.  :)

I'll leave it at that, now that I've officially and publicly welcomed myself to the 'Dorks for Life' club.


J.Mo said...

I'm a little sad there isn't a picture of this.

Jessica Charles said...

Ha!! Oh, I just remembered I have the picture on my other computer. I'll upload it soon!

J.Mo said...

YAY! Best.Smile.Ever. I can totally feel your excitement!

Kelly said...

Did you see the plans for the Little Mermaid ride at the Magic Kingdom?

I thought of you Tuesday when we passed by Ariel. She isn't in her cave thing with her mermaid fins anymore. They had to tear it down for the expansion. But we saw her in her princess dress with Prince Eric in Adventureland. :)

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