Friday, December 30, 2011

Best of 2011

2011 has been a whirlwind.  I can't believe I get to do this as a career.  How lucky am I?  I've met some pretty fabulous people, and had the best times on these shoots & weddings.  I was both excited and dreading going through all of my 2011 pictures to pick out my favorites.  Excited, well because I love these pictures & I'm so excited to reminisce.  I was dreading because.. THERE'S TOO MANY!!!  It was so hard to pick!!

Jeff & Krystal- Proposal
 Donea & Josh- Engagement

Helena & Chris- Engagement

Stephanie & Eddie- Wedding

Tiffany & Michael- Wedding

Ginger & PJ- Engagement

Donna & Carlos- Wedding

April & Geoff- Wedding

Laura& Kevin- Wedding

Leia & Ryan- Trash the Dress

Kristy & Brian- Wedding

Miss A- Boudoir

Jenn & Eric- Engagement

Kelly & Jordan- Engagement

Abier & Bryan- Engagement

Poblick sisters

Ana & Paulo- Engagement

Erica & Dave- Wedding

Raquel & Daniel- Just because

Caitlyn & Jesse- Engagement

Jessica & Eric- Wedding

Rachel & Geoff- Engagement

Erika & Win- Wedding

Kayla & Calvin- Wedding

Nicole & Chris- Wedding

Meredith & John- Engagement

Thanks to everyone who has helped 2011 be a major success!!  I have the best friends, family & clients!!  Here's to 2012 being even bigger & better!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jessica for our wonderful engagement pic's we adore them. Can't wait for our 2012 wedding pic's!! ♥ Jenn & Eric

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