Friday, January 29, 2010


In celebration of the saints going to the superbowl FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, I wanted to share some good ol' Louisiana love. Cause really, is there any other place like it on earth? I'm just a cajun girl who grew up on red beans and rice & boudin. Mmmmm, boudin. With a last name like "Jeansonne", you're bound to have a lil Tony Chachere's in your blood! Now if you've never been to New Orleans, you are missing out so big!! My favorite city is so rich in culture, history, life & food!! And the people are so awesome! You can tell if someone is a New Orleanian, because of their laid back, 'here to have a good time' personalities. And of course they would be talking about Drew Brees' amazing arm, or screamin "WHO DAT" from the streets. But if I could just talk about the food.. again. Who can beat Cafe Du Monde with their scrumptious beignets? And Drago's with their charbroiled oysters? And umm.. may I mention CRAWFISH?? Yes, all the head juice, guts and everything. Ok, I'm making myself hungry for something spicy and its not even 10am. Here are some pictures Bryan and I took last time we were there. What a gorgeous place, my home. New Orleans.


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