Thursday, January 28, 2010


After many countless attempts of begging, my husband finally gave the OK to get a puppy!!! This is big news!! So I’ve been looking on tons of websites and adoption agencies.. even was about to get scammed from quite possibly the worst scammer in the world. Luckily, he was so dumb, so I wasn’t one of his victims. But I really wonder, how many people has he scammed? Anyway, I replied to an ad on craigslist for a puppy, and low and behold we ended up getting the dog at midnight in the Publix parking lot! The previous owners weren’t sure what mix she was. Maybe a Shar Pei mix, maybe some Chow or Shepard ? But I only needed to take one look and was smitten! They named her Jasmine, but we shortened it to Jazz. Has sort of a New Orleans feel to it. She’s such a doll. We spent the day going to parks, playing, trying to potty train. Anyway, you could say I’m head over heels for this little girl. Expect to see more of her on my blog!!


Kelly said...

She's really cute. I want you to bring her to my house as much as possible so she can get used to the kids! (that's an added benefit too for you guys when you have them...she'll be used to little ones). Plus, I don't have carpeting so you won't have to worry about accidents. LOL

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