Sunday, May 15, 2011

Helena and Chris' Eshoot

Helena and Chris found me on Ruffled.  A wedding blog that specializes in vintage/DIY weddings.  I get so incredibly giddy when I get Ruffled couples because... well, they are right up my alley.
When I met them, instantly I fell in love with them.  Sweet as pie and HELLO drop dead freaking gorgeous!  I know I have found my perfect couple when we can't stop laughing through the entire consultation!  And let me just say, most of the time, the groom is there to be there.  Yes, they like to be a part of the wedding planning process, but I usually don't see genuine joy from the groom's face..  except Chris.  Chris was so sweet & funny.  And you can just see how much he adores Helena.  Example, we're talking and out of nowhere Chris grabs Helena's iced coffee, which the ice had apparently melted, and went and refilled the ice for her.  I didn't realize what he was doing until he came back, and gave it to her.  Without hesitation, I let out a big "AW!!"  She didn't even ask him!  I love love.  Brings out the best in people.
After our consultation, we left the coffee shop to get cupcakes together at the Cupcake Spot down the road!  I had to hold back my excitement.  I didn't want to exactly scare my new couple away.  As if I couldn't love this couple any more, my love-o-meter just shot through the roof.  I couldn't wait to work with them. 

I believe Helena has a doppleganger, and her name is Olivia Wilde, aka "13" on House.. aka, my lady crush.
Good Lord, Helena..  It's so unfair you are so beautiful.
I enjoyed every moment working with the two of you.  Thank you for just being amazing.  I absolutely can't wait for your wedding.


Helena said...

You're so sweet, Jessica! Thank you for the wonderful pictures. We can't wait for the wedding, and we're so happy we found such an awesome photographer! :)

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