Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Samantha & Jim's Beach Wedding!

High school sweethearts, now husband and wife.  The sweetest of love stories.  Samantha and Jim know the way to my heart, gosh darnit.  We've been talking through emails for the past year, and never had the pleasure of meeting this sweet couple until the wedding, because they're all the way from Milwaukee!!!  I was so happy to finally meet them, and so proud to be a part of their special, special day.
Such a beautiful, radiant, stunning bride!!
I'm in love with small, intimate weddings.

This wedding fell on my birthday.  And never in a million years did I expect Samantha and Jim to do what they did.   All of a sudden, I hear everyone start singing "Happy Birthday".  My first thought, "OOH it's someones birthday!!"  Then I see Samantha come up to me with a big piece of cake with a candle in it.  Seriously, I wanted to cry.  How sweet and totally unexpected of them to include my itty bitty birthday in their WEDDING DAY!  I totally felt the love.  Sweetest thing to ever happen to me at a wedding.. (besides my own of course).  Thanks again Sam & Jim!!  So incredibly sweet.
Raw, emotional pictures will always be my favorite.
Congratulations again to Sam & Jim!  I hope your destination wedding was everything you imagined it would be.  I'm so happy that after all these years, the two of you are still together and happily in love.  I'm excited for the future & memories that are in store for you both!!


Samantha said...

I IS IN A BLOG! <3 You are just too darn sweet!

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