Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jessica and Eric Eshoot

My couples rock.  Seriously.  Jessica and Eric were so much fun.  And look how much in love they are!  Stay tuned for their wedding coming up next month! 
We made a stop by The Cupcake Spot, their cupcake vendor for their wedding.  Is there anything better than a cupcake, really?

I said "give me a flirty leg", and this is what Eric does.  Thanks Eric.
And the pic I wanted..
Eric kept talking about the "Toyota pose".  I had no idea what he was talking about, so I made him show me.  OOOOH THAT Toyota pose!
The cupcakes Jessica and Eric gave Bryan and I.  S'MORES!  And so delicious.
Then we went to Cassis for a drink.
I loved that Jessica let me put her ring in the martini.  She actually suggested it!
And then we made our way to the new Salvador Dali Museum.
This girl knows how to walk and turn heads, for sure.
At the end the day, Eric gave us a little dance.
Jessica and Eric, thanks for rockin it!  You guys were so relaxed and so much fun.  I absolutely can't wait for your wedding coming up SOON!!!


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